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  • Mobile Bike Repair Service - We come to your home or business
  • Comprehensive Tune-ups
  • Overhauls (Usually 5-7 day turnaround). Pickup and delivery service included
  • Bike Assembly


  • Component Upgrades 
  • Bike Recycling - Free pickup
  • Used Bike Sales (when available)


Service Rates:

Because our service is mobile and we don't have the overhead of a typical bike shop, so we can offer rates that are usually the same, but with exponentially more convenience. No need to lug your greasy bikes in your vehicle to the shop and leaving them for up to two weeks, only to return and repeat the process homeward.

It's a win - win!!

Schedule your appointment by phone or here on the website using a scheduling form and we'll get the process in motion.

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San Diego County $85.00
South Orange County $99.00

*Be careful...Tune-ups can be defined as different things at different bike shops. Ours is a comprehensive general going over of the drivetrain, brakes, wheels and frame. With a general tuneup we clean, lube and adjust all external parts.

Tune-ups include:
Wipe down frame and clean derailleurs, brakes, and chain
Check and tighten any loose screws and nuts
Lube and adjust derailleurs
Lube and adjust cantilever brakes (Bleeding hydraulic disc brakes extra)
True wheels
Inflate tires to proper pressure
Make further recommendations if needed
(Parts extra)

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Overhaul - $300.00

Overhauls include:

Tear down bike completely.
Check and clean all bearings and races
Clean external parts, re-lube and adjust
True wheels
(Parts extra)
*Note - An overhaul is an extensive service that is usually scheduled with a 5-7-day turnaround
FREE pickup and delivery included in this service

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Bike Assembly

Buy a bike online? It's a great option and you can save a lot of money. 

eBikes - 125.00Road and Tri-bikes - $95.00

Mountain bikes and Multi-speed Hybrids or cruisers - $95.00
Cruisers (single speed) and BMX kids bikes - $60
Tandem bikes and Adult trikes -$150.00

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Bike Recycling

Do you have bikes or exercisers lying around cluttering up your backyard or garage?
Don't take them to the curb as trash and let them die in a landfill...Call us, we'll pick them up for free and do our best to give them a new life.

 If they're in relatively good shape, we'll fix them up and get them back on the road. If they're too far gone, we'll break them down and recycle the parts into other bikes and recycle the frames rather than filling up a landfill with old bikes.

It's a Win-Win for the environment!

To recycle - call us at 760.518.2628
or click for the Appointment form


Other services and repairs, i.e. upgrades - Free estimates

 - Gift Certificates Now Available -

Tom's Mobile Bike Service



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